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Truck Ferry Ltd
logistics agency for ferry bookings.

Founded in 2012, the company is an undisputed leader for Bulgaria and Turkey, serving the needs of more than 1,000 transport companies for over 260 different destinations. Some of the main destinations are to: Greece, Italy, Spain, England, Sweden.

The agency has generated over 250,000 bookings by 2018 and is a synonym of reliable and trusted partner.
Company data

Truck Ferry Ltd
36 Rogoshko shose Str.
4003, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
VAT: BG202272022
Responsible person: Vasil Bosneshki

BGN bank account: BG38UNCR70001520812916
EUR bank account: BG27UNCR70001520812920
Dear partners,
For the last 8 years as a ferry booking agency we managed to attract new investors and to change the whole history of transport routes, markets and sectors. Our company managed to attract "GRIMALDI GROUP" as its partner. Together we started joint project for a new ferry line from Igoumenitsa, Greece to Brindisi, Italy, combining it with the lines to Spain. Starting with a trial of 1 transport unit in 2011, today, on an annual basis, we perform more than 48.000 crossings.. Truck Ferry succeeded in ensuring smooth crossing and opening up new combined transport routes to Europe.
During the gala dinner of XXII Euromed Convention "From Land to Sea" that took place on October 5, 2018 in "Grand Resort Lagonissi" "GRIMALDI GROUP" awarded its major partners and customers. During the "Grimaldi Excellence Awards" ceremony , "Truck Ferry" Ltd. was awarded for its exceptional performance in the highest quality services in the transport sector offered in 2017.
In 2015, "Truck Ferry" Ltd won 1st place in "Cheetah" rank list for the most dynamically evolving small and medium-sized companies in Bulgaria. The award was delivered by "Capital" magazine, as at this point "Truck Ferry" serves 90% of Bulgarian hauliers travelling to Italy and Spain. The company is proving to be the undisputed leader in Bulgaria, providing quality and security to its customers.

our advantages

Lower expenses
Using ferry services allows transport companies to optimize their costs, to reduce vehicle amortization and to save time thus performing more transports and deliveries.
accurate planning
The fixed schedules allow the transport companies to prepare suitable itinerary for each delivery. The combination of land and sea transport optimizes both time and cost. Thus waiting at borders is avoided and security for express deliveries is provided.
Cargo is risk free
During sailing all trucks and freights are under constant 24/7 video surveillance . All port terminals are directly operated by the shipping company's team and are fully equipped with entry / exit control systems.
Drivers are provided a cozy cabin for their rest while sailing. Thus there is no risk of them becoming victims of thieves or violence during their breaks. Drivers arrive at the end port rested with a digital tachograph reading "0".

Reducing the environmental impact caused by the transport of goods by land, controlling CO2 emissions and polluting fine particles is a specific directive of the European Union and our main mission.

Long Bridge
Ancona line
Brindisi line
Barcelona line

Нашите услуги помагат на околната среда, тъй като емисиите на CO2, произвеждани от камиони при движение по суша, са значително по-ниски, когато камионите пътуват по море. Комбинацията от морски и сухопътен транспорт позв%�0лява намаляване на емисиите с 50% в сравнение с транспорт, извършван само по суша.

According to the data from our research due to the increase in cargo capacity and new engine technologies, the usage of ships is the most environmentally friendly way of transportation. That is why our goal is to use modern ships with technologically advanced engines. In comparison, a new generation RO / RO vessels with the capacity to load 296 trailers has 752 kg of CO2 emissions per trailer, compared to 2 003 kg of CO2 emissions per trailer from Euro 5 truck engines.

Maritime transport uses low levels of fossil fuels and has a good environmental impact. Less fuel usage reduces carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

In the recent years, the shipping companies we work with have invested more than € 4 billion to build modern, ecological-friendly vessels , in order to reach the European Union's 20% reduction target by 2020 year. These are the first examples of new series of hybrid RO / RO vessels that use fossil fuels during shipping and electricity while in port, thus guaranteeing zero emissions in ports. The ships are equipped with mega-lithium batteries that allow them to meet energy requirements while at anchor.

Main Destinations

The port of Brindisi in Southern Italy is one of the key ports connecting Italy with Greece. An important part of the Long Bridge service that connects Barcelona with Greece.
Port Barcelona is one of the largest in Europe and has very good infrastructure and modern facilities. From here there are many convenient connections to Italy and the Balearic Islands.
Port Ancona is the most convenient port in Northern Italy to board on a ship to Greece if you are traveling from France, Germany or Switzerland.

Sailing history



overall solutions
Due to our direct partnerships with major ferry operators we can offer different combinations of vessels and tunnels accross Europe.
24/7 inquiries
Possibility easily to cancel/amend booking even on weekends.
Meals/bed for the driver
Free bed and meals for the drivers during the voyage included
Option to choose the payment currency - either BGN or EUR
Possibility to amend/cancel the booking we made absolutely free of charge
  • Greece - Italy
  • Italy - Greece
  • Spain - Italy

Travelling by ferry between Spain, Italy and Greece is preferable way of travel for many tourists. Every year thousands of tourists travel by cars, motorhomes, caravans, motorcycles, etc. with the cruise ships we offer. In such a busy tourist season places for trucks and vans on vessels are severely limited and embarkation difficulties occur. However, we are working hard to ensure maximum number of places for our customers.

The luxurious interior of the ships as well as the comparable to cruise ships unique services offered on board significantly increases the level of services offered on international routes.

The ships we offer have the highest safety standards in Europe.

  • Spa & Wellness Center with steam bath, sauna, jacuzzi, solarium, SPA and fitness room with full fitness equipment
  • Swimming pool
  • Bars and cafes for enjoyable time on board
  • Disco for fun during the trip
  • Fully equipped Casino
  • Restaurant and "A la Carte" and self-service restaurant
  • Internet access during the trip
  • Shopping center with a wide variety of goods and promotions throughout the year

The company provides maritime transport for all kinds of transport units: tarpaulin trailers, drawbar trailers, refregirated trailers, tanks, car carriers, trailers for transportation of livestock, dump trailers, platforms, oversized vehicles

We update our database daily to give you the most accurate information regarding:

  • Vessel schedules
  • Port information
  • Data and documentation needed for all kinds of transport
  • Special requirements for dangerous ( IMO ) / abnormal loads


Finnlines ship
Vasil Bosneshki CEO of Truck Ferry

Founded "Truck Ferry" Ltd. in 2012
"Next Logistics" Ltd. in 2015

In the field of transport services since 2009

Finnlines ship
Nasie Hashimova
Nasie Hashimova

Nasie Hashimova became part of "Truck Ferry" team in 2018 and is in charge for the ferry bookings :

Brindisi - Greece

Finnlines ship
Едуард Башев - Truck Ferry

Едуард Башев започва дейността си през 2018 година и отговаря за релации:

Италия↔Испания, Сицилия–Сардиния-Малта–Канарски и Балеарски о-ви

Finnlines ship
gabriela 1

Габриела Грудева е най-новото попълнение на екипа от 2020, тя отговаря за релации:

Гърция- Италия + Вътрешни Гърция ( Пиреа Ираклио – Пиреа Ханя ), Англия – Франция, Полша- Швеция, Скандинавски държави

Finnlines ship
Ganka Moncheva

Ganka Moncheva is part of "Truck Ferry" team since 2013 in Accounting department

Chief Accountant
Finnlines ship
Iveta Hubavenova

Ивета Хубавенова е част от екипа на „Трък Фери“ от 2020 г.

Оперативен Счетоводител
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